RADIOMIR - new feature aired by Radio Pridnestrovye [23.Sep.2006]  

On the 3rd of August, 2006 a new thematic program entitled RADIOMIR, kicked off on Radio Pridnestrovye. It is aimed at radioamateurs, enthusiasts of long-distance radio reception (DX) and other radio-related hobbyists. Initially, the program aired bimonthly (every first and third Thursday) at 11:30 local time, repeated the same day at 21:30. Later on, the morning slots have been dropped and subsequently replaced by the much more convenient prime-time blocks at 21:30 on the 2rd and 4th Thursdays. The program is hosted by Vlad Radionov, a true professional in the domain of broadcasting and radio engineering. Besides, he is a devoted radioamateur with tremendous practical experience. For the time being, RADIOMIR only airs on FM, thus being receivable within Pridnestrovye as well as neighbouring regions of Moldavia and the Ukraine. It has therefore been agreed to accomodate the sound files of all previous programs on the website in order to make them available to a much larger audience. Stay tuned!

Cheslaw (OWL) / G(FM)2R

First signs of activity on 96.7 in Chisinau [11.Sep.2006]  

First off, some mixed technical/historical background. The Chisinau frequency of 96.7 MHz was assigned in early March, 2000, when Moldavian frequency-planning administration advised the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of its intent to use this frequency with the effective radiated power (ERP) of 3 kW, effective antenna height of 150 metres, and resulting coverage area of some 75 km in diameter. On 12 October 2004, the CCA (Audio-Visual Coordinating Council of Moldova) put this frequency up for tender, however,  with revised parameters - much lower ERP (0.200 kW) and greater effective antenna height (322 m), resulting in a slighly smaller radius of coverage area (some 33 km) than that originally planned (37). On 22 December 2004, this frequency was licensed to Veritas FM (owned by -Lugal CR- SRL) for the next three years. Acoording to CCA regulations, a licensed broadcaster is supposed to go on air within a year of its licence issuance date. However, in the case of Veritas FM, the station did not show up on the airwaves till the 8th of March, 2006, when first activity was noted on 96.7 MHz. Extensive testing continued for a week or so, then the transmitter went off the air again for several days. Regular broadcasting as such was launched on the 20th of March 2006, i.e. some four months later than it should. No idea why this delay passed unnoticed - normally, this may be the reason to revoke the broadcasting licence. Interestingly, their studio is reportedly situated at the premises of state-owned -Radiocomunicatii- who are the main owner of extensive network of state and private transmitting facilities throughout the country. This fact makes us speculate that Veritas FM may be either their project or, at least, somehow liaised with -Radiocomunicatii-.

In all fairness, Veritas FM is one of the most distinctive FM broadcasters in Chisinau certainly deserving to own a licence (unlike many others)...



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